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unjustified adj : lacking justification or authorization; "unreasonable searches and seizures"; "desire for undue private profit"; "unwarranted limitations of personal freedom" [syn: undue, unwarranted]

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  1. not justified; unauthorized

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The term justify has many meanings:
  • To one's statement with positive evidence, see justification
  • In telecommunication, the term justify has the following meanings:
    • To shift the contents of a register or a field so that the significant character at the specified end of the data is at a particular position.
  • justification in typesetting, i.e. To align text horizontally or vertically so that the first and last characters of every line, or the first and last line of the text, are aligned with their corresponding margins.
    • To align data on a designated character position.
  • In mathematics, the term justify means to prove the validity of a claim using an accepted method of proof. See Mathematical proof.
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